Here some slide decks of talks I gave:

Explaining breach reporting, at RSA Conference Europe, 2014 [marnix-dekker-enisa-2013-european-network-and-information-security-incidents-report-2014]

A quick history of cyber attacks, keynote at Cybersecurity forum, CTO Commonwealth Telecoms Organization [cyber_attacks]

Explaining cyber security to kids (8-10 year old) [cybersecurityforkids-1]

Slides about Cloud security, at European Identity Conference, Kuppinger Cole, München, 2011 [slides]

Designing an IDP in practice, Security PHD Association (SPAN) workshop, April 20 2009, and at the DIES seminars, September 30 2009, University of Twente, The Netherlands [slides]

Security and Open source, moddr_eve on [t]error, May 24 2008, Worm Rotterdam, The Netherlands
[slides, screenshot1, screenshot2]

Slides from academic talks:

Refinement for Administrative Policies, 4th Secure Data Management workshop (SDM), at the 33rd Very Large Databases conference (VLDB), september 24 2007, Vienna, Austria [SDM_sept2007]

RBAC Administration in Distributed Systems, 2nd Benelux workshop on Information and Systems Security (WISSEC), September 21 2007, Luxembourg, Luxembourg [WISSEC_sept2007]

Extended Privilege Inheritance in RBAC, 2nd ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS’07), march 21 2007, Singapore, Singapore [ASIACCS_mar2007]

Administrative Privileges in RBAC, 1st Benelux workshop on Information and System Security (WISSEC), november 9 2006, Antwerp, Belgium [WISSEC_nov2006]

Audit Based Access Control for Electronic Health Records, Views on Designing Complex Architectures workshop (VODCA), september 16 2006, Bertinoro, Italy [VODCA_sept2006]

Policy compliance in Distributed Systems, Workshop on Current and Emerging Research Issues in Computer Security (CERICS), july 28 2006, Royal Holloway, London [CERICS_july2006]

An Approach to Decentralized Security, MALICE seminars, october 27 2005, Technical University of Eindhoven [MALICE_oct2005]

Audit Logic For Accountability, IEEE 6th International Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (POLICY), june 6 2005, Stockholm, Sweden [POLICY_june2005]


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